The Constitution of Oriya Association of Orizona


The Association shall be known as Oriya Association of Arizona.

ARTICLE II - Address
The address of the association will be the address of the current committee.

ARTICLE III - Mission and Objectives of the association

1. To organize and celebrate Oriya cultural events.

2. To promote appreciation and understanding of Oriya culture and traditions.

3. To raise awareness of Oriya language and heritage

4. To enhance the well-being and social standing of Arizona Oriya community

5. To deliver hope, restore dignity and provide comfort to the people affected by natural disasters

6. The association will not discriminate based on race, religion, caste, creed, nationality or sex. 

ARTICLE IV - Membership and payment of dues

1. Anyone wishing to support the mission and objectives of the Association can become a member. Voting Age is 18 and above and each family can have only 2 votes. If the children are of age 18 or above, then they can have their own membership and voting right

2. Membership must be renewed annually through the payment of annual dues. Annual membership fee will be decided by a simple majority (More than 50%) of membership during annual meeting.

3. Membership shall remain in effect as long as the member pays current dues, and abides by the constitution. In order to vote, one must be a fully paid member. Each member of the Association shall be entitled to one vote.

ARTICLE V - Organization 

An executive organization hereafter called the committee consisting of three elected members by a simple majority of the members shall conduct the business of the association. The committee members will be elected for a one year term. In the event that a committee member is unable to serve the entire year, the committee can nominate interim members to serve out the term until the next election. If two members of the committee are unable to serve the full year, a mid-term election will be held to nominate the vacant positions. Only members of the association are eligible to be on the committee.

Collectively the Committee shall be responsible for the following activities on behalf of the Association and its Members.

Publish and maintain the current Address and other contact information about the Association for the benefit of its Members and general public.

Serve as the face of the Association externally.

Plan, communicate and coordinate all activities of the Association including but not limited to the cultural events.

Publish most current list of Members.

Schedule and conduct general meetings and elections.

Accept requests and proposals from Members, communicate them to the larger group and provide necessary follow-up.

Form and appoint Members to sub-committees.

Prepare and present an operating budget to the Members and adjust it according to the funds raised.

Spend as per the approved budget and carry out the operation of the Association.

Get approval of the Members on any non-budgeted item.

Perform banking and book-keeping.

Maintain all financial and general records.

Keep Association’s website updated.

ARTICLE VI - General Meeting

There shall be at least one annual general meeting. Other general membership meetings may be called when necessary by the committee. A general membership meeting can also be called when at least fifty percent of the membership requests it by a petition to the Committee. 

The following items shall be included in the agenda of the annual membership meeting:

Annual report

Discussion of Financial and any other report related to association 

Election of the new Committee


1. For general meetings, at least fifty percent of the members must be present to constitute a quorum

2. The following motion in order to be carried shall require a quorum of 2/3rd of the general membership:

§ Removal or expulsion of a committee member


By-laws can be proposed by either the committee or the general membership. They are adopted only if approved by a simple majority vote at a general meeting by the membership.

ARTICLE IX - Committee Election

1. Committee election shall be conducted at the annual general meeting.

2. Each Member, above the age of eighteen, is entitled to one vote subject to a maximum of two votes per household.

3. Any Member can nominate another for a Committee position. For each position there shall be one or more nominees proposed by the Members. A nomination is valid if following conditions are met :

1. At least two members support the nominee
2. The nominee is present, except for instances of illness and/or emergencies

4. In the event of four or more candidates, Committee election shall be held by secret ballot. In this ballot, the members present at the annual general meeting shall vote by checking the appropriate box of their choices of three Committee Members.

5. The Committee Members shall be elected based on majority vote. The election shall be conducted by the current Committee with oversight by an independent observer from the community.

6. The outgoing Committee shall hand over all records, documents, funds and inventories to the newly elected Committee at a joint meeting of the two Committees.

ARTICLE X - Voting on other issues

Voting on other issues can be at an either general membership meeting or, if the committee or the general membership decides, by mail balloting. A majority vote will decide all issues, irrespective of the voting procedure. Voting can be either by a show of hands or by secret ballot at a general meeting as desired by the general membership.

A majority will decide all issues in the committee, provided a quorum is available.

ARTICLE XI - Amendments

This Constitution may be amended only by a 2/3rd majority vote of the membership. The committee shall issue a notice regarding the amendment. By-laws can be amended by a majority vote at a general meeting of the membership. Proposals for amendments may originate from the Committee or by means of written request from at least fifty percent of the membership.

ARTICLE XII - Dissolution

The Association may be dissolved with the approval of 2/3rd majority of the general membership. The committee shall be responsible for the actions necessary to accomplish this.