OAA is a non-profit organization devoted to furthering Oriya culture in Arizona, USA. It is a collective endeavor and venture to establish a communication nerve center for the huge conglomeration of the Oriyas in and around the fringes of  Arizona.. a medium for exchanging news, views and rich cultural hues under one common umbrella . We seek to promote and co-ordinate Oriya cultural, educational and community activities. AOA has been serving the Oriya speaking community of Phoenix and surrounding areas for more than  10 years.  Our goal is to promote the understanding of our Oriya language and cultural values of Orissa.

A mouthpiece ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ of wonderful Oriya community to ‘express themselves and be expressed’, a forum to strengthen socio-cultural ties, a place in the Valley, where a few mouse-clicks can make one get a feel of ‘home away from home, rich heritage of Orissa’